About The Author...

Michele Longo EderA native of upstate New York, after graduating from The Johns Hopkins University in 1976, Michele moved to Portland, Oregon to attend law school at Lewis & Clark.  She has practiced law on the Oregon Coast for almost 30 years.

In her legal career, Michele has represented a wide variety of clients, including commercial fishermen and their associations.

In the world of fisheries and oceans, Michele serves on the Board of Directors of the North Pacific Research Board, and, as a two-term Presidential appointee, is a Commissioner with the U.S. Arctic Research Commission. 

Michele and her husband, Bob Eder, make their home in Newport, Oregon, where they raised two sons, Ben and Dylan.  Bob has been an owner-operator of commercial fishing vessels for over 30 years, catching Dungeness crab and sablefish.  Michele has been an active partner in the family fishing business. 

Involved in both professional and community associations, Michele's interests have centered around those groups that contribute to the support of families and children, such as the YMCA and Newport Fishermen’s Wives.  Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Newport Library Foundation.

For fun, Michele reads, writes, cooks and eats, plays tennis and bridge, gardens, digs in junk stores for hidden treasures, and walks on the beach with her family, friends and dogs.  She travels as much as she can and loves the energy of cities, an enjoyable contrast to a quiet life at home.  She visits the Fishermen’s Memorial regularly, taking flowers from her garden to Ben.